Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Projects

Retaining Walls Early Stages Of Subdivision
Retaining Walls Multi Terraced Sections
Retaining Walls Split Level Sites
Retaining Wall Tied Back With Concrete Dead Man & Steel Waler
Retaining Walls UB Steel Pole & Timber Pole
Retaining Wall UB Pole 5.0m High With Steel Fall Barrier Fence
Retaining Wall With Timber Fall Barrier Fence
Retaining Wall Lower Section

Three Creeks Estate Retaining Wall

2 Stage subdivision with cantilevered timber & steel pole retaining walls up to 5.0m high, timber pole retaining with a cast insitu concrete dead-man tieback with steel whalers. Combination of timber & steel safety barrier fencing above retaining about 1km long in total.

Engineered cantilevered timber & steel pole retaining wall
High density H5 poles up to 400SED, Galvanised UB poles up to 10m long
Wall build, drainage, backfilling, fencing
Staged project – 2016 onwards

Client: Karmon Limited

Engineer: CMW Geosciences

Surveyor/Engineer: Lysaght Consultants

"CMW have worked with Site Solutions since 2015, on varying scales and complexity of projects we find the Site Solutions team easy to get along with and would, and do regularly, recommend them to our clients as a reliable and practical contractor."

Chris Lowe - NZ Development/Senior Engineer, CMW Geosciences