Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Projects

Retaining Wall ROW Access
Retaining Wall Firth Compac IV Blocks With Geogrid
Retaining Wall Terraced Site
Retaining Wall For Corner Site
Retaining Wall Boundary Wall
Retaining Wall Site Constructed Mechanically Stabilized Earth Bank
Retaining Walls Surrounding Care & Apartment Building
Drilling For Reinforced Concrete Pile Retaining Wall
Constructing Reinforced Concrete Pile Retaining Wall

Copper Crest Retirement Village Retaining

Stage 6 & 7 Terraced house lots up the western boundary adding to existing Mechanically Stabilized Earth embankment using Keystone segmented retaining blocks with geogrid. Outside of that area normal cantilevered timber pole retaining walls. The new Care & Apartment area had 600mm dia reinforced concrete pole 13m deep with a concrete capping beam, faced off with a plastered shotcrete finish. Along with large pole cantilevered retaining walls.

Client: Copper Crest Retirement Village

Engineer: CMW Geoscience & Tonkin Taylor